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Saturday, 25 June 2011

First Night in the Toddler Bed

I guess I was more excited about the toddler bed than Christina. She struggled to fall asleep and awoke around midnight. 

She was up until about 345 am.  To say I am exhausted is an understatement.  She went to her last day of nursery school regardless.  To my dismay, when we picked her up, her teachers told me they had lost her out of the gate.  SAY WHAT?

Apparently, a brother of one of the children left the playground and she followed him out the door with out the staff noticing.  Another child brought it to their attention that Christina was escaping.  I am not very happy about this.  i was unable to really talk to the teachers about it as she was screaming.  I called the school back but they have yet to return my call.  I feel very upset and annoyed by the whole process.

Friday night was much better with her toddler bed.  She was able to sleep through the night, I simply sat outside her door, reading and assuring her I was near.  Lets hope nap time goes just as smoothly.
Perhaps she slept better since her crib was sold. With the sale of the crib, we had to use Brandon's matress in her bed. Therefore, Brandon is now on his bed on the floor. We are just wating for dad to fix his bed up.

Friday was report card day.  Brandon got his report card and I am very pleased with his progress thus far.  He still has some areas he needs to work on but can now make simple people, attempt to write his name as well as trace his name.  I am so proud of him and his first year of JK

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Moving to a Toddler Bed

Christina got out of her crib on Monday so its off to a toddler bed for her.  I can not believe how fast she is growing and how different our children can be.  Brandon never  crawled out of his crib a this age. I am excited for this transition as I have gotten her a toddler princess canopy bed!  It was a dream of mine to have a bed like her's.  A friend of mine growing up had the canopy bed and I am so thrilled to have one for her.

She had her first nap in her new bed today.  It was a bit of a struggle and she was quite angry about the change, but fast to adjust.  She has been really screaming at night latley.  We recently took away her bottle and I feel she is angry over this and fighting me.  She has an iron will and you are hard pressed to win against her.

I hope she enjoys the bed as much as I did getting it.  Its going to be great.

New Kids On The Block

From my joural, the newspaper clipping of the concert!
Found my journal from when I was a teenager and here is my first concert experience
March 14 1990

Four more long days until the concert. People (girls) have been calling into CFTR (who knows what radio station that is now) saying they have seen the New Kids in Toronto. Could it be true? In my opinion, they are people sure get excited yet not freak out like some girls are (does that sentence even make sense)

March 18 1990

Oh wow, oh my god. The concert was totally amazing. It was the best time of my life. We got there (no way) and bought the tour book, six buttons and a New Kids on the block flag..

Then we got in line (like five hours late I swear...why because Jen Cullen now Boyd was worried she would lose her assigned paid for seats...haha) Some girls were thinking that New Kids were going to come out so they flipped out and charged forward. During the charge forward I was mushed and got REAL SCARED (true story...jen and step saved me) I thougth that, I don't know but I was real scared. Anyways, we got to our seats and the lights went down and Perfect Gentlemen were first act. (Remember them ladies?) They were so cute. Ages 11, 12, 13. One is Maurice Stars SON!!!! Then came Sweet Sensation, they are PRETTY. Then after a brief intermission the New Kids came on.

The lights went down.

We sat near Joe M microphone. They came on. Words can not describe how I felt...(yea like I had an asthma attack from too much excitment and had to take my inhaler)

It was amazing. My favourite girl was the opeing song. The songs were sung live, no lip singing. Song sung was

My Favourite Girl

Whatcha Gonna Do about it

The Right Stuff

Mix of songs

I'll be loving you forever

Stop it girl

Blow your mind

This ones for the children

New Kids Groove

Cover Girl

happy Birthday

hanging tough

I think thats them all. I swear at one time were on Joe's side for who could sing louder. I sang for him (puke) We wer the only teengers in our sections. Joe took his shirt off. Oh he looked great. He rubbed it all over his face and body then through it out the side but not near us...too bad. Donnie did the same. Joe was a flirting dancing machine. Jon sung a song. The changed their clothes so much. Joe looked amazing. He has the best clothes (not anymore) It was the most exciting time of my life. I could and will go on about the new kids.

And that was the first of I think ten journal entries but I won't post them all, good for a laugh