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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Moving to a Toddler Bed

Christina got out of her crib on Monday so its off to a toddler bed for her.  I can not believe how fast she is growing and how different our children can be.  Brandon never  crawled out of his crib a this age. I am excited for this transition as I have gotten her a toddler princess canopy bed!  It was a dream of mine to have a bed like her's.  A friend of mine growing up had the canopy bed and I am so thrilled to have one for her.

She had her first nap in her new bed today.  It was a bit of a struggle and she was quite angry about the change, but fast to adjust.  She has been really screaming at night latley.  We recently took away her bottle and I feel she is angry over this and fighting me.  She has an iron will and you are hard pressed to win against her.

I hope she enjoys the bed as much as I did getting it.  Its going to be great.

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