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Saturday, 25 June 2011

First Night in the Toddler Bed

I guess I was more excited about the toddler bed than Christina. She struggled to fall asleep and awoke around midnight. 

She was up until about 345 am.  To say I am exhausted is an understatement.  She went to her last day of nursery school regardless.  To my dismay, when we picked her up, her teachers told me they had lost her out of the gate.  SAY WHAT?

Apparently, a brother of one of the children left the playground and she followed him out the door with out the staff noticing.  Another child brought it to their attention that Christina was escaping.  I am not very happy about this.  i was unable to really talk to the teachers about it as she was screaming.  I called the school back but they have yet to return my call.  I feel very upset and annoyed by the whole process.

Friday night was much better with her toddler bed.  She was able to sleep through the night, I simply sat outside her door, reading and assuring her I was near.  Lets hope nap time goes just as smoothly.
Perhaps she slept better since her crib was sold. With the sale of the crib, we had to use Brandon's matress in her bed. Therefore, Brandon is now on his bed on the floor. We are just wating for dad to fix his bed up.

Friday was report card day.  Brandon got his report card and I am very pleased with his progress thus far.  He still has some areas he needs to work on but can now make simple people, attempt to write his name as well as trace his name.  I am so proud of him and his first year of JK

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